Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Things 10 and 11 reflecting on social networking mainly

I can see that it would be useful to have a mentor in life. But I'm not motivated enough to get one! Next!

Back  on more comfortable networking.  Here is where Facebook is really handy for communities.  For example, there's a group of volunteers who do conservation work on the hill opposite my house.  Their FB page shows how their work is improving the conservation and facilities on the hill.  I haven't seen a slowworm for decades, but there's a great photo of one found on the hill and now I can't wait to go and find one!  I like being able to share my own pictures and reflections.    Also Bridport has an active twitter community and I have been to one of their "tweet ups" at a cafe so I do recognise the people I'm following.

Not sure I like the terminlogy "lurk".  Are we all lurkers now..?  Discuss...


  1. Maybe you can add a link to the facebookpage, so we learn all a bit about the history of this hill

    1. Thank you for reminding me - I meant to do this yesterday!

  2. I think I am a "lurker" - at least I do more reading of posts, feeds, tweets than create posts myself! I do think you have to be selective which groups you join - I signed up to a few library communities on LinkedIn and whilst some posts have been interesting, most appear to be very much on the periphery such as selling products / advertising vacencies.

    Having been given a mentor however (I've just changed jobs) I can see the value of this in getting up to speed quicky with a new role and new orgainisation.

    I think different tools suit different people and you need to work out which work best for you as an individual.

    Good luck with your slowworm hunting!